As the largest and one of the arid deserts on earth. Imagine saying that they are few places in the world that resemble the Sahara Desert. The unlimited sea of towering sandy dunes all in various shades of gold and other colors. Sahara Desert Facts, a perfect setting to experience a lifetime gateway full of adventure, unique experience and fun.

Imagine a stay in the Moroccan Sahara Desert with Morocco Intrepid Tours, where most people want to explore the desert on a camel back. Watching the sky turning red and pink as the sun sets. While that’s definitely an exciting adventure, however, there are much more things to do in the Sahara desert. Find them out bellow perfect and exceeding expectations.

Recommended Things To Do in Sahara Desert Trips

Watch the Sunset up the Sahara Dunes

1156694614-300x201 Explore Sahara ToursSunsets are mesmerizing in every part of the world, however, there is something magical concerning the way how the warm colors in the horizon paint the auric dunes of the desert. Through the tranquillity and the soundless peace. It’s the deafening day end leaving the excellent atmosphere to enjoy a life-long image on your memory. Of the whole usual things to do in Sahara desert. This experience will beg you to come back to that breathtaking landscape.

We would like to help you plan the top Sahara experience through the most picturesque circuit ever 3 Days Tour from Fes to Marrakech, it will meet your needs.

Experience a sit around the campfire

97830449359f0455d285e61ac3d4cc89-300x199 Explore Sahara Tours

It sounds surprising to set a campfire in the Desert. Actually, there is a lot of dead dry bushes to collect in the desert and that’s you’ll need to set up the fire. This Sahara Desert Facts, it’s a new way to experience and enjoy your time in the Sahara desert. Wandering in the arid landscape collecting dead wood. As the night falls there’s nothing better to keep yourself warm when the temperature at night drop dramatically. You can also build your fire pit for other purposes like  BBQ dinner, which you’ll never want to put your dinner in the microwave again! Our company can arrange a dream trip for you, 5 Days Marrakech Sahara Desert Tours to Fes.

Quad Bike Experience through the dunes

morocco-quad-biking-buggy-768x570-300x223 Explore Sahara ToursWhere else to enjoy riding a quad bike but the Sahara desert; one of the most idyllic places. In the first place, it is a fun way to across the Sahara desert for 1 or 2 hours and explore the sandy dunes. Such activities are adventurous because they can include discovering palm groves or visiting local villages, four wheels are also a great way to experience the desert, Tour from Agadir to Fes via Merzouga Sahara desert. Be careful from fatal accidents; the desert appears gentle and soft but land is a difficult position to control at high speed.


Sahara Desert Spa Day

five-cute-happy-caucasian-children-buried-sand-bea-beach-68595626 Explore Sahara ToursWho can imagine that actually, the Sahara Desert is a wide natural spa and one of the top things to do during your visit to the desert. On the Sahara Desert Facts, locals recommend the healing power of the Saharan sand. They now teach visitors how to benefit from this advantage. Awkwardly, it’s a new way of bath but with sand. Berber men would wake up early to dig holes in the sand where people can lie back for 30 minutes maximum. The bath sand is good for body illness particularly arthritis; it is also good for aching limbs, muscles… It is exotic bu an interesting way to experience the desert. for more information visit, 7 days 4×4 Morocco Tours from Casablanca via Merzouga Desert

Interact with Locals

taghazout-berber-tent-paradise-plage-w460h260-300x170 Explore Sahara ToursOne of the amazing experiences in the Sahara desert is to interact with locals; they are very friendly. In fact, it’s an excellent chance to get a closer insight of the life there and you can do it in a more exciting way, Sahara Desert Tours and Camel Trekking, locals live in nomad tents and camel trekking is a great way to reach them.


Are you planning a trip to Morocco, read our articles on Morocco including Paradise Valley Morocco, Morocco Sahara Exploring Expedition

Enjoy One of Our Gorgeous Agadir Excursion Tour     

TTT8-300x201 Paradise Valley MoroccoMorocco is a mysterious place magical, exotic and sometimes chaotic. Many people come to Morocco looking for an exceptional experience of life time somehow adventurous. Specifically, The Paradise Valley in Morocco is an interesting and excellent place to discover and a splendid Agadir Excursion Tour. Since the place sweeps down into a wonderful deep gorge surrounded by beautiful mountains, thousands of palm trees and a river snaking along the way. If you are looking for an authentic colorful and relaxing world then, here you have the reason to visit Morocco.
The best start is just after a turn-off for Immouzer. Join us and discover this spectacular landscape and enjoy your amazing trip to live an outstanding adventure. In the first place, it’s almost impossible to describe the Paradise valley as a specific location; withing this impressive gorges even your senses become obscured as the canyon twists in different parts. Then, up in mountains and at the ending of a path lined with numerous palm trees. You’ll find this valley carved out for over thousands of years by the waterfalls.

The paradise valley

 Paradise_valley_agadir-300x225 Paradise Valley MoroccoParadise Valley in Morocco is the perfect destination for hundreds of action seekers, who come just to make the most adventured water jumps from the high cliff above, into the incredible natural pools enjoying the spectacular views. Some people are only interested in photography shots, hence these landmarks provide the perfect shots. And with the help of your expert guide, you will definitely take you best memories photography. The entire area is ideal for walkers along the rocky valley full of palm and argan trees. Providing orientation towards mountain or sea beyond the deep steep. No doubt you will enjoy hiking here through the river of turquoise water, little waterfalls, beautiful flowers and the awesome rock formations.
Discovering Morocco’s most untouched nature is absolutely worth to visit. Experiencing indescribable sunny sky, clean natural water and enjoying sounds of wildlife waving wind through the palm trees, the music of water, while relaxing seeping a glass of orange juice or mint tea. Check into our Day trip To the Paradise Valley in Agadirfor extra information and get the chance to benefit from this perfect Agadir Excursion Tour, that we organize.

Explore Chefchaouen Morocco

Regarded as the most touristic destination in morocco, Chefchaouen Morocco is an otherworldly city nestled in the Rif Mountains. Chefchaouen is “The Blue Pearl” of Morocco, with a rich history and culture. This alluring town fascinate all its visitors.

1- Chefchaouen Culture and History

morocco2Cover-1400x650-300x139 Chefchaouen the Blue city

Chefchaouen was founded in 1471 by Mulay Alí Ben Moussa, it was served as a Moorish citadel for exiles from Spain, and welcomed Jews and Christian. Chefchaouen town had many attacks, particularly from the Portuguese and the Spaniards. Due to that, the town was closed against all the foreigners. But nowadays because of its proximity from Tangier, and Ceuta the Spanish enclave, the town is a cultural tapestry of the Berber people. Normally, the people of the town still retaining the old way of their lifestyle, considering it as a part of their special culture. You will find the locals wearing cotton clothing coupled with woven hats. Decorated with glaring coloured threads. The people’s town are very friendly and welcoming, in addition its blue walls that cover the city painted by the Jewish refugees (1930).

The memories, the lives, and the history of Chefchaouen are are regularly in these blue buildings. However, still the major attraction to the city is Chefchaouen kif, renowned of marijuana plantation. Chefchaouen has a strategic location and make anyone pass by it while discovering Morocco, this 13 Days Tangier to Rabat via Morocco Sahara Desertis an ultimate Morocco tours, offering the best visit to this charming city.

2- Top Places in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen-11-200x300 Chefchaouen the Blue city

Chefchaouen Morocco offers a unique adventure and fitness fanatics, for those who are looking for Morocco walking tours. Easily explorative wander off in the old town of Chefchaouen, the maze blue streets. Furthermore, discover the blue walls decorated doors and windows which will give you the impression of walking in the Horizon. Then, move to the center of the main Plaza Uta-el-Hammam, where the beautiful traditional restaurants stand. In addition to the Kasbah, a medieval fortress which now a museum. From their, move to the local Market to see the beautiful ceramic bowls, leather slippers, and all the handmade crafts. Waterfalls and picturesque Chefchaouen altitude are all here in this blue town. Worthy to see, Akchour’s waterfall and Ras El Maa, the cascade coming from the spring. As Mentioned above, Chefchaouen is close to many touristic cities, and you can reach it by bus or car.

There are perfect tours from Fez to Chefchaouen and tours from Tangier to Chefchaouen, 6 Days tours from Tangier to Fes. There is also 12 Days Tangier to Tangier via Morocco Sahara Desert, exploring the desert and south Morocco. You may take a look to all our packages that we offer to visit Chefchaouen city Tours From Tangier.

Learn about Morocco travel advice

Many of us want to visit Morocco, and explore this rich in history and culture country. However, lots of tourists have some bewilderment of how they should behave, wear, and act in Morocco since it’s an Islamic country. Here are useful Morocco travel advice we can give you. Including what you have to take with you when coming to Morocco: health precautions, weather advice and so on…

1- Islamic laws and customs

in-morocco-female-travelers-should-cover-their-arms-and-legs-if-they-are-visiting-religious-sites-or-conservative-areas-however-in-this-popular-beach-town-nobody-will-bat-an-eye-at-summe-300x225 Morocco Travel Advice

Since Morocco is an Islamic country, you have to follow some rules. The prominent one is to respect the religious areas, while visiting them. You should for example take off your shoes, when stepping inside the holy places. Furthermore, dress modestly when you are outside the beach, especially, in public areas, just wear jean and t-shirt. Drinking Alcohol is only allowed in licensed tourist areas, hotels, restaurants, however, it is not allowed in the streets. In the first place, the local people are friendly, respectful and helpful. You only need to say “Salam” which is “Hi” in English, if you want to enquire about something. Concerning Terrorism, no worries now because the country is safe. You may want to see  5 Days Marrakech Sahara Desert Tours to Fes .

2- Health precautions and weather advice

traveltips-300x135 Morocco Travel Advice

While coming to Morocco, everyone wants to stay healthy and safe during the trip. Precautions are important, significantly, the healthy one. Alike, there is no serious medication you should bring with you, just your usual medication, and some Diarrhea and fever medicine if you get affected by it during the hot days. On the other hand, the weather in Morocco is very changeable, and regards each region. For example, The weather in these Imperial cities Fes and Marrakech is very hot during the summer. You may want to see Fes sahara desert tour, 5 Days Ouarzazate Desert Tours from Fes via Merzouga. On the opposite, if you travel to the Middle Atlas Mountains, you will find a cool climate, during the hot days. Ultimately, the most visited region is Morocco Sahara Desert 18 Days Morocco Sahara Desert tours From Casablanca, and here are several useful tips you may need. When traveling to northern Morocco, the first thing you should take with you is the sun protection products, some white long clothing and hats. Moreover, the climate is cold at night, so make sure you bring with you warm clothes as well. In addition, to the hike boots because you will explore many gorges and climb Sahara dunes.

3- Transportation

p-taxis-300x178 Morocco Travel Advice

Morocco transportation is simple, fast and affordable, you will find it everywhere. Fore and foremost, you don’t have to worry about how to get from one city or place to another. Grand Taxi is all the time available, also CTM, trains and buses. But if you have your own transportation precautions are required. For instance, there are poor roads is some regions, also, you should be careful while driving in the poor weather conditions. Poor lighting at night can make driving hazardous, moreover most of times you will encounter pedestrians, so you need to be careful with that. Hope these Morocco travel advice give you a beneficial aid, while visiting Morocco.

Experience customize Morocco tours

received_1146163018732086-203x300 Customize your Morocco Tour
Marrakech Morocco tour

Everyone has a different taste and passion. In customize morocco tours, our objective is to create Intrepid Morocco personalized service to suit your needs. Moreover, The overall length of your trip, and many other aspects of Morocco you wish to experience. Just let us know how many days you want to spend, and the number of people and what you want to see and do. In other words, we will create the best of morocco trips for you; a trip you will never forget. Concerning this best lifetime experience, our Intrepid Morocco driver will pick you up from any Moroccan airport or riad (Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Agadir, and other cities). Plus, escort you to your desired destinations in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle (4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser).

Once the itinerary is prepared, you will have the flexibility to stop anywhere you like and travel at your own pace. With us you can explore and enjoy all what Morocco offers. For instance, camel trekking in the Sahara sand dunes, sleeping under the stars in the desert. Not only that, but also camping in Berber tents, hiking the high Atlas Mountains, and exploring the historic imperial cities. Please check our suggested Morocco tours for More ideas about your trip. To demonstrate, tours may last a single day to several weeks. additionally, it can start from any time of the day, any day of the week, and anywhere in Morocco. Airport transfers are provided for all our guests.

Morocco Tours Price Information

casa-mosaue-225x300 Customize your Morocco Tour
   Hassan II Mosque

Private Morocco tours include transportation is air-conditioned 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, all fuel expenses and the services of your local driver/guide. Normally, the costs will vary based on the following factors: the number of people in the Tour (which means it will make your trip more cheaper). The tour gets as you are sharing the cost of 4×4 wheel car, fuel and driver (friends, family, and loved ones). Furthermore, the number of days, Hotels/riads – most of our accommodations based on 3 stars riads and hotels. Also, luxurious accommodations are available even special luxury tents with private bathrooms in the Sahara desert or normal tents.

The activities – Morocco camel trekking, sand boarding, skiing… Adult and child prices are available. Please contact us for a complimentary quote of your desired itinerary based on: the number of travelers, dates of your trip and the places you would like to see. This service is free and there is no obligation to reserve, we do not charge children under 5 years. The price for trips includes the 4×4 car, driver Guide fuel, all accommodation. Plus, dinner in the Desert as well as the camel ride on the Sahara desert. On the other hand,  drinks lunches and other extras such as entrance fees or tips are not included. This customize Morocco tours create for your a satisfaction of your needs.