Morocco Sahara Exploring Expedition

Sahara Exploring Expedition

Incredible Sahara Exploring Expedition Trips

The desert is a great place offering many expedition tours and discoveries. Particularly the Moroccan Sahara desert is considered to be the world’s third largest desert with a harsh environment. Lots of people ask about the Sahara desert, willing to explore its hidden secrets. and enjoy the real sandy dunes, while experiencing a pleasant camel ride.

Incredible experience of Sahara Exploring Expeditioncamel-treking-300x200 Morocco Sahara Exploring Expedition

Engulfing most of North Africa, the thoughts of Morocco promptly come to the Sahara desert. Where the richness of Morocco truly lies. From the High Atlas Mountains to the longest canyons in Morocco lush oases, sandstone castles, unlimited palm groves, all these are here in this great part. Essentially, for most of the people the desert is the perfect place of an experience and have an expedition of life time. High sand dunes, shifting climate from morning to night, wildlife… what an incredible experience!The most ultimate goal of many is to experience a truly adventurous night. Imagine yourself sitting around a camp fire under a sky of thousands of stars surrounded by dunes enjoying your dinner. Not only that, but also experiencing wonderful camel treks adventures for at least 2 hours. Furthermore, watching what might be the perfect sunset and sunrise in your life. Drawn by all these descriptions, the Sahara Exploring Expedition is definitely the ultimate place; for an easy hint check 3 Days Tour from Fes to Marrakech.

A trip of fossils expedition

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The overwhelming Morocco comprises many hidden places. Interested in fossils, many people come to Morocco just for an expedition of fossils. The very unlike High Atlas Mountains, are the great destination for a possibility to find fossils back dates to hundred of years. While at the same, it might be not only a fossil expedition, but also an incredible tour and discovering of the Sahara desert 16 Days Morocco trips South discovery From CasablancaSince the High atlas mountains sweep a large part of the desert. The geology of the High Atlas range is varied, covering in the past shallow sea full of life. However when the animals died, their extinct forms are rediscovered as unique treasures in the mountains. It is almost an experience of life time for anyone who discovered this place, or willing to. There are numerous rocks containing fossils even before the first dinosaurs, developed more than 300 million years ago. Nowadays there is a great town in the Sahara desert region, called Erfoud ‘the fossils town’. which contains incredible fossils museum and mines retaining their very old structure.

Experience of South Morocco

high-atlas-mountains-300x240 Morocco Sahara Exploring ExpeditionSome people have the interest of discovering the natural wonders. Particularly being part of nature, and travel with all their senses. The Sahara exploring expedition can offer a great opportunity for those who have more penchant to nature adventures. Since Morocco is divided by ranges, mountains, deserts, waterways, forests they make the country more glaring. Making your trip from Marrakech to the Sahara desert 4 Days Morocco Desert Trip from Marrakech to Fes, over the high atlas mountains offer incredible many stops to view nature. In fact, this rich part also includes stunning sandcastle houses, of which the most incredible one is Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. The natural wonders of Dades gorges and Todra valley can be your main purpose behind visiting the desert. For their impressive rocky canyon and stunning panoramic views. The splendor rose valley and the lush oases make your trip even more worthy. All the treasures of Morocco are hidden in the desert.


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