Explore Chefchaouen Morocco

Regarded as the most touristic destination in morocco, Chefchaouen Morocco is an otherworldly city nestled in the Rif Mountains. Chefchaouen is “The Blue Pearl” of Morocco, with a rich history and culture. This alluring town fascinate all its visitors.

1- Chefchaouen Culture and History

morocco2Cover-1400x650-300x139 Chefchaouen the Blue city

Chefchaouen was founded in 1471 by Mulay Alí Ben Moussa, it was served as a Moorish citadel for exiles from Spain, and welcomed Jews and Christian. Chefchaouen town had many attacks, particularly from the Portuguese and the Spaniards. Due to that, the town was closed against all the foreigners. But nowadays because of its proximity from Tangier, and Ceuta the Spanish enclave, the town is a cultural tapestry of the Berber people. Normally, the people of the town still retaining the old way of their lifestyle, considering it as a part of their special culture. You will find the locals wearing cotton clothing coupled with woven hats. Decorated with glaring coloured threads. The people’s town are very friendly and welcoming, in addition its blue walls that cover the city painted by the Jewish refugees (1930).

The memories, the lives, and the history of Chefchaouen are are regularly in these blue buildings. However, still the major attraction to the city is Chefchaouen kif, renowned of marijuana plantation. Chefchaouen has a strategic location and make anyone pass by it while discovering Morocco, this 13 Days Tangier to Rabat via Morocco Sahara Desertis an ultimate Morocco tours, offering the best visit to this charming city.

2- Top Places in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen-11-200x300 Chefchaouen the Blue city

Chefchaouen Morocco offers a unique adventure and fitness fanatics, for those who are looking for Morocco walking tours. Easily explorative wander off in the old town of Chefchaouen, the maze blue streets. Furthermore, discover the blue walls decorated doors and windows which will give you the impression of walking in the Horizon. Then, move to the center of the main Plaza Uta-el-Hammam, where the beautiful traditional restaurants stand. In addition to the Kasbah, a medieval fortress which now a museum. From their, move to the local Market to see the beautiful ceramic bowls, leather slippers, and all the handmade crafts. Waterfalls and picturesque Chefchaouen altitude are all here in this blue town. Worthy to see, Akchour’s waterfall and Ras El Maa, the cascade coming from the spring. As Mentioned above, Chefchaouen is close to many touristic cities, and you can reach it by bus or car.

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